Half of PlayStation 4 users on PlayStation Plus


Remember the days when Sony Playstation gamers seemed to laugh at those playing on the Xbox console in regards to having to pay for online gaming, they seem to be no more.

In an investor meeting yesterday, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, divulged some pretty telling information.  At this point, over half of all Playstation 4 owners (over 7 million consoles had been sold as of early April) are on Playstation Plus, Sony’s subscription based online program.

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This information seems to substantiate the fact that Microsoft and Xbox Live gamers have been preaching for nearly a decade.  Paying for an online service, even at minimal cost, is worthwhile due to the increased functionality and enhanced service it offers.  Xbox Live still has substantially more users that Playstation Plus, but the revenue generated by the service allows for Sony to continue to innovate.  While both the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 are still behind the competition in terms of functionality and ability when it comes to online game, there have been vast improvements.

Hirai also added that to date, there are over 52 million users on the Playstation Network.  That number is staggering and shows that gaming is by no means taking a back seat to the rest of the entertainment world.  Finally, Hirai mentioned the 4.5 million downloads of the Playstation app that have taken place on smartphones and tablets.

Sony didn’t announce the break down of compensation from Playstation Plus to developers, but they undoubtedly get a cut.  With games being given away for free on a rotating basis, it only makes sense for Sony to give back to those that help support their console.  As the success of the Playstation Plus network continues, Sony will only be pushed further into the future.  The more users online, the more ability Sony has to continually capitalize on the digital aspect of gaming.