X-Men Days Of Future Past, Return of the Mutant King


The X-Men are back! This time they brought the whole gang. First Class, and the originals all in one film, together, as one unit. But more importantly, the King of the X-Men film is back, Bryan Singer. In a summer filled with some pretty big blockbusters, including 3 other superhero films, X-Men Days of Future Past shines brightest thus far. In Singer’s triumphant return to this world, he brings along with him the veterans like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, and Hugh Jackman, as they team up with younsters James McAvory, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence. Days of Future Past is a refreshing take on the X-Men and sets the universe up for an even brighter future.

The film starts out in the future, setting up a grim world that has taken place after all previous X-Men films. The world has flushed out all mutants, and all those help mutants, leaving only a few to fight the good fight for humanity and mutant kind alike. A plan is set to send Wolverine back in time to stop a specific event that sets the world on a path toward destruction. In the past Wolverine must deal with a broken Charles Xavier, as well as Magneto and all that he represents.

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There are many pluses to this film, most notably the return of Singer. He brings the X-Men films full circle, and ties everything together clearing up the majority of loose ends. In a film that has well over 20 characters the fear of overcrowding is very plausible, however Singer divides time so perfectly. Sure a few minor mutants get very little screen time, and that can be disappointing, but the over all feel of the film is so much fun you forget that certain characters aren’t around as much. Another fear was wheter this would just be another story in the Wolverine saga. Whereas Wolverine is a key character, and arguably the most iconic character of the entire franchise, the film is almost more abou Charles Xavier and Mystique, as well as a film about hope.

I had a few minor problems, most of which are very nitpicky and probably spoilerific, so that said I won’t really go into them much here. Most of which were truly the plot holes that were left untouched, one of which being HOW DID PROFESSOR X COME BACK TO LIFE AFTER THE LAST STAND! Sorry, that really bothers me. Only other negative I will say, is for the average movie fan, you might be confused by the post credit scene. Remember that feeling after the Avengers post credit scene, and you were like “huh? Who’s that?” You will feel that again. As a comic book superhero nerd, I nerded out.

Over all when I look at X-Men Days of Future Past, I gave the film a Jeebus score of 5.3 with a bonus of .4 for all the superhero nerd east eggs this film gave me! Which I will talk about in a spoiler filled review in a few days! Overall, that’s a Jeebus score of 5.7, Multiple viewings required!

The Jeebus System explained

I base films on what I call the Jeebus System, which is a 6 point grade with a possible .5 bonus. With a full 1 point given for entertainment value, story, SFX or cinematography, acting, and casting each, then a half point for direction and dialog each. Titles are given to each score, with “death penalty to all involved” to anything <.9. “You’ll see this on FXx a lot” for <1.9. “Redbox or Netflix it” for <2.9. “Check out the Matinee” for <3.9. “A good time at the theater” for <4.9. “Multiple viewings required” for <5.9. And finally, Jeebus-tacular for 6 or above.