Titanfall: Capture the Flag will return with matchmaking update


It was just last week that Respawn Entertainment took away Pilot Hunter and Capture the Flag from PC players of Titanfall.

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They made this decision because it was nearly impossible to find and less than 1% of the player base was “even trying to play CTF, let alone actually able to get in to a game.”

“With that few players attempting to connect, our matchmaking would just sit there, spinning forever, waiting to find a game to play,” reads a blog post from the developer. “This is a bad experience for the user, and so we had to look at how we fix it.”

"“Our first step was removing playlists that were effectively broken. The second step is to continue refinement of our matchmaking. After that first step, though, it’s obvious that lots of people were upset – far more than the player counts on the removed modes led us to believe.”“We’ve continually been working on improvements as testing matchmaking systems in closed player groups (like our office) is really tough. Our best feedback has come from observing the game in the wild. Even the beta we ran in February with 2 million players wasn’t enough data over a long enough period of time to give a complete image of how matchmaking would function post-launch. We’re actively working to make our matchmaking better.”"

The developer mentioned in a blog post, they will bring back Capture the Flag. The link also details why matchmaking wasn’t working, and that Capture the Flag will return once the matchmaking update goes live.

You can leave a comment below with your thoughts on Capture the Flag returning, and if there’s something you would like to see improved.

[H/T: VG247]