Ballislife $15 NBA roster challenge a big hit


Every now and then, a fluky, silly internet meme or game will enter our lives. If it sticks, it goes viral and sweeps the nation. I’m not sure this little game/challenge from Ballislife is going to get to that point, but it seems to be pretty popular already. The funny thing about these games is most of them are stupid or obvious or simple and yet bring endless hours of arguments. This is certainly no exception.

Here is the tweet from @Ballislife that kicked things off.

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It asks us basketball fans to pick a starting five of historic NBA greats. The problem is, we only have $15 to use and each player has a dollar value attached to them. Ranging from $5 for the best at each position to $1 for the worst (although the “worst” is still a great player!), there are so many combinations to make.

For me, there were two things I felt necessary when building my pretend, $15 team.

1) I needed a shot-blocker/inside defender. Give me Bill Russell for $4 to fill that and the center spot.

2) I needed Michael Jordan, who will play shooting guard and cost me another $5.

That leaves me with six dollars to fill the other three spots. Luckily, power forward is the perfect place to skimp as Kevin Garnett is marked as the cheapest PF available at $1. Not only does he defend and rebound, but he spaces the floor on offense.

At small forward, I need an outside shooter, and Larry Bird is the best shooter in the history of the league. Done and done for $4 more. With my remaining dollar, I will take point guard Walt Frazier, an underrated player historically and someone who won’t need to control the offense anyway with Bird and Michael around.

So there you have it. Jordan, Russell, Bird, Garnett and Frazier are my five. Who are yours?