Bethesda joins free-to-play with BattleCry


The gaming landscape has continued to change as trends in buying practices amongst gamers has shifted.  With the free-to-play category growing by the minute, it only makes sense that more and more companies would be getting in on the action.  Bethesda is the latest to jump into the fold with their new title, BattleCry.

BattleCry is being developed by the company of the same name, BattleCry Studios.  The 32-player title will be set in a land with no gunpowder and tensions running at an all time high.\

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The two factions featured in BattleCry will be either the Royal Marines or the Cossacks.  Players will be able to select their play style from one of three classes.  The classes include the Enforcer (a heavy-duty warrior wielding a sword), the Tech Archer (a long distance fighter), and the Duelist (an agile and stealth based character).

The fighting is based around an adrenaline system.  It is viewed similarly to a fighting games health bar.  Adrenaline can either be used in short bursts to fight with continued, albeit quick, attacks, or it can be stored to release a much more powerful attack all at once.

Art direction for BattleCry is being done by the likes of Viktor Antonov, the mind behind Half-Life 2 and Dishonored.  The game is said to take art cues from a comic book-esque style, according to Bethesda.  The beta for BattleCry will open in 2015.

Although BattleCry Studios is relatively new having only opened in 2012, studio head Rich Vogel has experience working on games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies.  Look for more information on the next big thing in free-to-play gaming from Bethesda in the coming months.