Microsoft’s Phil Spencer teases Xbox One exclusives


Gamers have started to grow impatient with the adoption of the new next-generation Microsoft system, only to see the support in the form of games seem to fall by the wayside.

It is well noted that Sunset Overdrive, the Xbox One’s big exclusive, will make an appearance at E3.  However, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has made sure to warn gamers that even more will be showcased at the annual expo.

A user was heard complaining to Spencer in regards to so many games being released for the Xbox One but not until 2015.  The user mentioned being disappointed about Sunset Overdrive being the only exclusive for the Xbox One in 2014, and Phil sought to set the record straight.

While we have covered Sunset Overdrive quite a bit leading up to E3, it seems like Microsoft still has a couple of tricks up their sleeve.

If we read into Spencer’s tweet a little deeper, it is interesting to note that he mentions “E3 will show what exclusive games you’ll play on XB1 in 2014.”

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The interesting part here is that Spencer mentions games, as in plural.  We know that Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive, but could there be more than one other title that Microsoft still has in its back pocket?

It is fair to be sympathetic towards gamers growing annoyed with the lack of support for next generation consoles, but hopefully E3 rights the ship for both the PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One.  Undoubtedly, titles releasing in 2015 will be teased, but lets hope for a ton of content slated to hit this year as well.