Xbox dimming E3 expectations


With E3 exactly a week away from today, gamers around the globe are counting down the days to find out what 2014 has in store for their favorite consoles.  Whether an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo fan, gamers can rest assured that E3 will set up everything to be expected in the coming months.  This week though, Xbox may be trying to calm fans expectations.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox for Microsoft, has been a busy man on Twitter as of late, and this weekend proved to be no different.  When asked what to expect for E3 from Xbox by a fan, Spencer provided an answer that may be somewhat of a letdown.

As he mentions “smaller games and exclusive games from 1st party,” gamers may cringe in thinking we may have already seen all the there is to come.  With Sunset Overdrive being a guaranteed exclusive to show up at E3, Xbox fans are hoping there is also a bit more.  Spencer concludes in saying “But you’ll judge in just over a week.”

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While 3rd party games continue to help to supplement the success of a consoles life cycle, it is the third-party exclusives that continue to push the consoles forward.  With Sunset Overdrive billed as an A list title, the hope is that there is something else worth noting for the Xbox press conference at the annual expo.

Gears of War could be looking to take over front and center, or we may get a handful of more information surrounding the newest Halo title.  At any rate, we can only hope that Xbox has a little bit more up their sleeve.

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