RoboCop set to throw out first pitch at Tiger’s game tonight


Today there is a cause for celebration, cheer, and excitement. Today is a great and important holiday.

Today is RoboCop day.

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Happy RoboCop day to you and your family! Okay, so joking aside, what is RoboCop day? Apparently the Detroit Tigers are really excited about the DVD release of this year’s remake of the 1980’s classic. So much so that they are having RoboCop suited up for tonight’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays in order to throw out the first pitch.

"RoboCop is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at Comerica Park on Tuesday evening as the Tigers host the Toronto Blue Jays. RoboCop’s motorcycle is to be on display at the stadium and the first 10,000 fans will get a RoboCop cheer card after getting inside."

If you did not think it could get stranger, it absolutely does. Not only will RoboCop be throwing out the first pitch at tonight’s game, but today was also set to be the announcement of a RoboCop statue in Detroit that was ultimately cancelled:

"An announcement was to be made Tuesday about a RoboCop statue that’s expected to be installed in Detroit this year, but that event and a police meet-and-greet were cancelled. A movement for the statue started in 2011 after a social networking campaign."

The original RoboCop was set in Detroit, and has become a sort of cultural icon for those living in the city.

As long as RoboCop’s pitch is not as bad as rapper 50 Cent’s awful first pitch at the mets game last week, then everything should go just smoothly.