Gauntlet gets new trailer (Video)


Sometimes, making sure to do right by an old classic is difficult work.  That seems to be exactly the task that Warner Bros. is undertaking with the reboot to the popular arcade game, Gauntlet.

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Gauntlet debuted in arcades in 1985 and was made by the juggernaut of gaming production, Atari Games.  While Gauntlet is known for its challenging level design and addictive gameplay, trying to replicate the magic in a newer version is no small task.  Today, the reboot version of the classic arcade title received a new trailer showing off what Gauntlet will bring to the table.

As shown in the trailer, the four characters, the wizard, warrior, valkyrie, and elf, make their triumphant return.  New to the game however, is that the gear will no longer be limited to what each character totes with them.  The trailer shows us that gear will be a large part of the new Gauntlet experience.

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The trailer also shows off the way in which gamers will be able to traverse through the dungeons.  While the dungeons will continue to provide a challenge on their own, special attacks will also play an integral part in advancing through the game.

Check out Gauntlet making its debut on PC later this summer.

Ted’s Takes: With Gauntlet being such a staple in the arcade realm, it is interesting any time a company looks to reinvent the wheel.  It seems as though Warner Bros. is doing less reinventing than retooling with their Gauntlet remake however.  With enhanced visual features and added gameplay aspects, Gauntlet has a chance to be the hit arcade title of the summer, this time in 2014.