Skype to bring the World Cup to Xbox One


Are you going to be stuck on the outside of Brazil looking in come the 2014 FIFA World Cup?  If that’s the case, as it likely will be for millions of fans around the globe, Skype wants to make sure they have you covered.  Thanks to Xbox One and Skype, Skype will bring the World Cup to you.

Should you decide to stay in and watch World Cup action from your own home, Skype and Xbox One want to make sure you are still able to view games with friends.  Thanks to Skype Group Video Calling, you and up to three additional friends can join a group and watch the games together.  Cheer or root against similar teams and make it a party.

With Kinect on Xbox One, everyone viewing the game can be depicted on the screen.  With the Xbox One Kinect, the wide-angle lens allows the device to get each user on the screen.  If you need to get your jab in after the opponent scores a goal, Kinect will make sure to capture it.

Thanks to snap on Xbox One, whether using a controller or the voice feature, checking live scores through Internet Explorer is a breeze.  Make sure never to miss a goal of the action.

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Skype Notifications will make sure to alert you of all the World Cup action.  If you aren’t watching the game with the action, Skype will make sure to bring the action to you.  Never worry about missing a thing.

Skype also allows Skype Credit to be accessed via the Xbox One Skype application, so users can call others through their console to get in on the action as well.  With the seamless transition between phone, computer, and console, Skype makes sure to bring the World Cup action to you.

Ted’s Takes: With the 2014 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, making sure you have your viewing options lined up ahead of time is good practice.  With Skype and Xbox One, you never should miss a moment of the action.  Thanks to the FIFA 2014 update, you can also partake in the goal scoring frenzy.