NBA commissioner Adam Silver cracks up with minion during NBA Finals (GIF)


The first half of Game 3 of the NBA Finals has been sparse with gripping entertainment. Except of course for the guy sitting next to Adam Silver. Apparently, Silver is a riot. I wouldn’t mind sitting with the guy.

The Spurs dropped 41 in the first quarter and finished the half with 71 points. The Heat managed 50, but who cares. 71 points in a NBA Final Game! It’s been relatively fun if you like watching a good heat thrashing.

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The brand new commissioner is likely making jokes at the expense of the Heat. Perhaps something like, “Did someone break the Heater?” Yes, no? Or, “‘Knock, knock,’ ‘who’s there’ ‘Kwahi 6-for-7 Leonard.'” He’s so please with himself that he doesn’t know what to do — so naturally, he fixes his tie and says what seems to be, “yes, yes.”

Though, as mentioned, this half wasn’t exactly the kind of basketball he showed up to see, Silver is enjoying some well deserved time to watch the sport that he loves and protects. Even those living under a rock have heard about Donald Sterlings ban from the NBA since making racist remarks. Silver has been embroiled in that situation seemingly since his taking over the position. It’s good to see the guy laughing. He was also featured on the half time show.

Please, please, if you can make out what kind of nerdy joke is being exchange, or you feel like making one up, hit us up in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you think he’s saying, though do keep it appropriate.