Meek Mill freestyles on ‘0 to 100’ (Audio)


Drake made some waves by making a surprise appearance during Nicki Minaj’s set at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Though it wasn’t too shocking to see her Young Money labelmate and frequent collaborator appear during a musical event known for surprise appearances.

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That same night, Drake dropped a song called ‘0 to 100’ on his SoundCloud account. It is wildly popular song that has garnered millions of listens on SoundCloud in just a couple of weeks.

MMG rapper Meek Mill freestyled over the beat and released it. You can listen to it below.

Here is a sampling of the lyrics from the first verse, via Rap Genius:

Rat n***a got my chain snatched
And he didn’t even get the chain back
On the news with the police, then he talking on twitter I ain’t playing that
F**k all that Meek you gotta chill s**t
I be on some get a n***a killed s**t
Put a hundred bands on you real quick
My Philly n***a make a movie outcha Will Smith
Oh lord oh lord what you yelling n***a
Penthouse nice fresh out the cellar n***a
All that white like what you selling n***a
My chain look like a Coogi with all these colors n***a
I be on money since nineteen, twenty
I may be twenty-one I have bout 3hunnid
And I ain’t talking bout Chief Keef or Lil’ Reese
But all my n***as keep heat a little piece
With a drum on that b***h no chicken all beef
For you f**k ass rappers that be talking they all sweet
Last night I hit my hood with all my chains on
Two hundred fifty thou had a Mulsanne on
A broke n***a get in front of me and his pain gone
And he’ll never get it from me he’ll get rained on
I tell em wear it to your funeral be stuntin’ while they viewing you
Everybody goons ’til we send that 32 at you
Sipping on lean with the percs pharmaceutical
Just so I can get in my bag in the studio
Headshot we ain’t shooting low
So many hoes in here they gone call you Julio
Opps I mean [?], holy field know he broke
Shooting at your Rolls Royce turn it to the holy ghost
Holy smokes, caught the whole thing that was overdose
Overkill watched the news so I know its real