22 Jump Street jumps out with 60 million


Movie sequels are hard pills to swallow.  For every Return of the King, or Empire Strikes Back (my 3rd Star Wars reference in less than an hour) there are sequels like Dumb and Dummer Two or a Speed 2 Cruise Control.  More often than not, sequels bloat the box office in their first weekend and then sink into being just another average film that made it’s money in three days.

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This weekend we got another sequel.   I haven’t seen it yet.  But I want to.  Jonas Hill and Channing Tatum return alongside Ice Cube.  A fan of the original series, because well, I was a teen in the 80’s, made me skeptical of a full feature film that was all comedy yet I couldn’t help but laugh along with the 21 Jump Street film.

This past weekend, 22 Jump Street hit the big screens.  It is a sequel most felt was unnecessary but one that we all knew would happen simply due to the fact the first one was so successful.  From all of the reviews, this is another hit that will likely spawn a third installment.  22 Jump Street grossed 60 million in it’s opening weekend easily outpacing the other weekend sequel “How To Train Your Dragon Two”.  Dragon made a very respectable 50 million over the weekend.

Most reviews of 22 have been positive and most say that the film takes time to poke fun at itself for actually being a sequel.  It’s a recipe that should work.  The detectives have graduated high-school hijinks and have moved on to the college ranks which allow them the opportunity to integrate the entire college comedy genre as well.  Of course with high-school out of the way and college now completed, where can the undercover cops go next?  A recipe for another time I am sure.

So what did you think of the film?  Fire away in the comments below!