Bungie to extend the Destiny beta


The Sony PlayStation press conference at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo featured a very big Bungie title, yes, the same Bungie that was responsible for Microsoft’s Halo series.  Bungie has since moved on from the Xbox umbrella, and they are focusing their efforts on making Destiny the next great title in their stable, as a multiple platform game.

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Fortunately for Sony fans, Bungie has also seemingly made the PlayStation 4 the lead console for Destiny.  As Sony discussed during their press conference, Destiny will be featuring extra content exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

The beta for Bungie’s Destiny has had gamers enthused for the past few days, and thanks to an interesting tweet sent out by Bungie this morning, it appears as though the excitement may continue.

Bungie references an extended amount of play time for the Destiny beta to allow for “dangerous experiments.”  While it’s anyone’s guess as to what the said experiments could be, it looks as though those lucky enough to snag an invite into the beta will be doing so for an extended period of time.

Destiny is set to launch September 9, 2014 and already has gamers waiting in anticipation.  The game ties both shooter elements as well as role-playing features together to provide a truly immersive experience.  Reports from those who have played the demo have been encouraging.  Everything from amazing graphics to a tight gameplay experience has been the subject of feedback from the community.

While the rest of gamers wait, Destiny will be enticing beta players for what appears to be a little while longer.