Drake has a Houston Astros tattoo (Photo)

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports /

You’ve heard Drake rap about Johnny Manziel. Now you can look forward to his lyrics about the mighty Houston Astros.

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You’ve seen Drake cheering courtside at Toronto Raptors games. It will literally be impossible to miss him at the sparsely attended Houston Astros’ games.

Who else is looking forward to hearing Drake spit some lyrics about the philosophy of a rebuilding process, the importance of drafting and developing young talent, and the skill of offering a pre-arbitration contract extension and hacking off the Players Union? Eh eh? Those tracks inspired by the Astros should top the charts in no time.

If you don’t follow me, please regard the picture below, courtesy of MLB Fan Cave, which reveals that Drake has a Houston Astros tattoo on his shoulder:

Say this for the tattoo: nobody is going to accuse you of being a bandwagon Astros’ fan at this point in time. The team can barely get anybody to watch their games, let alone attend them in person or pledge their loyal fandom to the franchise and its lengthy rebuilding process.

Things have certainly been better lately, with the Astros surging to a respectable record and out of the basement of the American League. With that said, you can hardly accuse Drake of getting this tattoo because it was trendy or would impress people. For whatever reason, he must just be interested in the Astros.

I’m going to go with his belief in a long rebuilding process.