Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl rings (Photo)

Credit: Seattle Seahawks
Credit: Seattle Seahawks /

The Seattle Seahawks are forever engraved in the annals of the National Football League as the 2013 Super Bowl XLVΙII champions.

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On February 2nd,  the Seahawks dominated the AFC Champion Denver Broncos en route to a 43-8 victory that was all but a certainty by halftime. Just over four months later, every 2013 Seahawks team member gathered together to receive their Super Bowl rings in honor of their victory.

Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted out a picture of the ring:

The ring was made by Tiffany & Co., and was explained in a Seattle Seahawks announcement:

"The white gold Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII championship ring features a three-dimensional Seahawks logo of 64 round diamonds with a vibrant emerald hue tsavorite eye. The iconic logo is outlined in blue and is framed by 12 diamonds. The Vince Lombardi Trophy, comprised of one marquis diamond, stands in the background amongst a sea of 107 round diamonds with a border reading “WORLD CHAMPIONS”. Forty blue sapphires surround the ring top flanked by two “12″ flags.The shank, or sides of the ring, tells the story of the championship season. One shank includes the team’s final record of 16-3, a southward view of CenturyLink Field with the “12″ flag and Mt. Rainier, highlighted with the individual player’s name and number. The other side features the Seattle skyline, Vince Lombardi Trophy with a marquis diamond, Super Bowl XLVIII logo and NFL shield."

A beautiful Super Bowl ring to match a beautiful victory back in February. These are the moments that professional athletes live for. When an individual can become a part of a great team and achieve the highest honors in their sport; being named world champions.