MLB Rumors: Detroit Tigers have pieces to make deal at trade deadline

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports /

The Detroit Tigers, like other contending teams, still have a month and change to assess their roster and determine their needs before the July 31st trade deadline. And as they know as well as any team, these needs can change quickly.

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Their shortstop position is as good an example as any: it seemed like a glaring hole as recently as last month, but the emergence of Eugenio Suarez has alleviated their concerns about that situation. Where it looked like the Tigers might try to acquire Jimmy Rollins or another player for that spot, the Tigers are now apparently content.

So maybe a deal for the bullpen? Even an extra arm to make their elite rotation even more tough? It could be those or another move, and as Lynn Henning of the Detroit News notes, the Tigers will have the pieces to make a trade next month:

"What is clear is the Tigers have trade chips. They have strong starting pitchers at their Single A stops, West Michigan and Lakeland, and at least one of those arms is a good bet to be shopped next month.They also have a sudden glut of young middle infielders. And with Jose Iglesias expected back in 2015, as doctors predict, it is likely an infielder will be available as Detroit builds for a second-half playoff push and beyond."

To emphasize just how quickly these things do change: the Tigers have gone from having a need in the infield to having a number of assets there that they might be able to trade.

The bullpen seems the most likely area of need for Detroit. Even with a big signing there in the form of Joe Nathan this off-season, the Tigers might have to get serious about another move there to fulfill their lofty expectations this season.