NBA Live 15 graphical improvements


When NBA Live 15 hits the court this fall, the game will feature some new improvements to the games visuals thanks to upgraded use of lighting and arena atmosphere.

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In a developer blog post on EA Sports’ website, the development team offered a behind the scenes look at just what is being done to make the game look the way many expect a next-gen title to look with the new hardware. From the look of the shot clock to the reflection of the ribbon boards on the court, the team at EA Sports is aiming to  make NBA fans take the NBA Live franchise serious again as a top-tier basketball simulation.

After addressing the lighting upgrades with NBA Live 14’s February update, EA Sports is building off of the progress it made over the last few months to make the game on the console look and feel more like its real-life broadcast counterpart.

“We’re continuing down that path in NBA LIVE 15, using these new lights to better showcase our players and arenas,” the post said. “This look really helps out bring the nuances in each player, and we’re very pleased with the improvement it offers over our previous lighting system.”

In addition to the lighting changes impacting the look of the arenas, EA Sports even made an effort to better reflect the uniforms that the players put on for every game.

“We’ve scanned jerseys and other equipment the same way we scan the players so that we can accurately portray a number of fine details,” the blog stated. “We’ve looked at everything from stitching around numbers to the way the jerseys wrinkle, because we feel that these are important details that we need to get right.”

NBA Live 15 launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 7, the same day as its main competition: NBA 2k15. For a look at some of the visual improvements, check out the gallery below.