AMC Theaters to add full reclining seating


Most people out there only remember stadium seating at your local theaters. There was a time not so long ago that we literally tripped over people to get up and leave the theater in the middle of the film. Spilled popcorn and soft drinks tended to land on the stranger who was trying to curl up in a ball when you came back. Theaters finally realized that stadium seating was the way to go.

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Translation? No spilled popcorn, no spilled soft drinks.

Now it’s time for the next evolution in theater seating. AMC has announced that it will spend over $600 million to renovate half of it’s existing 5,000 some odd theaters. The money will be spent on seating, as in making the seating more comfortable.

Some theaters still have the pleather fabric while others have actual fabric, some rock gently while others don’t at all. Some theaters have fixed cup holders while others have holders that fit between the seats that you can get out of the way so you and your significant other can get a little closer. So what’s going to change? AMC is saying they will be adding full reclining seats to their theaters.

They just made it that much easier for my father to fall asleep.  I suppose you will need to bring your own blankets.

The idea of full reclining seats is pretty cool though. Theater seats are uncomfortable for the most part so being able to kick back and put your feet up, literally, should be a nice boon to the AMC coffers. I would also have to venture a guess that with the addition of the reclining seats, the aisles need to be a little bit wider which means I won’t be the one drenched in Dr. Pepper half way through The Avengers.