New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford hacked on Twitter by Eagles fan

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford had some fans questioning where his loyalties were for a second after his Twitter account was hacked by an Eagles fan that tweeted this from his account, “The Giants are stink and I’m no good! Fly eagles fly!”


Why the hacker chose the punter’s Twitter account to hack into, we don’t know. Maybe they assumed his password was the weakest considering punters are the weakest players on the field? But, Weatherford definitely is not the weakest on the field:

Just imagine what would’ve happened to Antonio Brown if he tried to drop kick Weatherford. His leg would probably be shattered.

Well, the pro-Eagles tweet from Weatherford was quickly deleted and he apologized:

The New York Giants (0-2) will take on the 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles for the first time this season Oct. 12, we’ll see if Weatherford receives some cheers from Eagles fans after a supposed allegiance shift.

Next week, the Giants will face the 2-0 Houston Texans at home. Weatherford is average 42.0 yards per punt on nine punts this year.

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