Fan catches home run with popcorn bucket (Video)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

If you are at the concession stand at a baseball game and you cannot decide between peanuts and popcorn, allow me to offer the following suggestion: you never know when a home run ball might be headed your direction, at which point a popcorn bucket will be far more useful than a bag of peanuts.

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That was the lesson learned by this fan in the bleachers, as a home run ball landed perfectly in his bucket of popcorn. To his delight, he was able to comfortably hold onto the bucket despite the impact of the ball hitting it. Then he simply removed his souvenir and showed it off to the fans around him.

No word yet on whether he kept eating the popcorn, and we’ll just leave that as something that we would rather not know. We’ll just give him credit for his instincts to make the nice catch and leave it at that.

Check out video of the home run ball straight into the popcorn bucket, to the fan’s delight, below.

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