Cat Fight Takes Place At 49ers vs Raiders (Video)


Turns out the men weren’t the only ones fighting on Sunday when the Raiders took on the 49ers. 

It turns out there was more than one cat fight going on this past Sunday in Oakland. Some




fans decided to turn tailgating into a little cat fight of their own.

Maybe the 49ers should have had some scouts outside the stadium as the Raiders get the win to pull them out of the bottom of the NFL barrel.

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I am not sure if this little brawl happened before or after the game, but my hope is that it was before, because after losing to the Raiders the 49ers fans should have been to ashamed to still be wearing those jerseys.

Seems that tempers are flaring all over NFL stadiums this week or is it the ever present affect of social media at these games that is making events like this go viral? Is it that maybe before all these kinds of fights and arrests, like at the Packers game on Monday night, are simply becoming more known from the nature of social media?

Whatever it is, how does this make you feel about taking your family to a NFL event? Will this cause you to perhaps reconsider any plans you have to take your family to a sporting event? Sound off below and let us know what you think!

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