First American Film in Cuba Just Finished

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With relations normalized, Cuba is seeing a flux in American filmmakers.

Almost two months ago, President Obama announced plans to normalize relations with Cuba against the wishes of a lot of the conservative side of the nation (namely, the refugees who came to America to escape Castro’s regime). Whether or not you agree with the resolution, one thing is clear: both Hollywood filmmakers and Cuba can thrive under the legislation.

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In fact, since the announcement, the tiny island nation has seen a huge flux of Hollywood filmmakers coming to shoot on site in Havana. No one is happier than Cuba Film Productions chief Michael Pacino.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter he said:

"“We just brought in Conan O’Brien,” says [Pacino], “and completed filming of the first Hollywood feature since the 1960 embargo: Bob Yari’s Papa.”"

Several stills have been released of the late night talk show on location in Cuba sporting a pristine white suit and Panama hat, as well as one of him dancing in a parade in Havana.

Speaking to THR, Conan’s executive producer Jeff Ross said:

"“The idea to go to Cuba was Conan’s,” says Conan executive producer Jeff Ross. “Once we arrived we had no restrictions, and the people were happy to see us. The people were a pleasure to deal with.”"

Along with O’Brien’s escapades in the nation, The Discovery Channel is also shooting Cuban Chrome, a documentary about the “classic American cars Cuba loves.” Director Bruce Donnelly also just finished filming Alumbrones, a documentary about the flourishing art scene in Cuba.

Ross is quick to warn would be filmmakers who wish to film in the beautiful country however. The Conan team having encountered their own set backs, he says that if you want to film there be sure to bring plenty of cash due to the lack of credit and debit cards there and be sure to bring a translator.

Check out Jon Stewart’s recent interview with the red headed comedian on his visit to Cuba below.

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