Conan O’Brien’s Trip To Cuba Was Hilarious (video)

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Conan O’Brien took advantage of the warm relations between Cuba and America, filming a whole show down there. The results were predictably awesome.

Talk show host and gangly funny man Conan O’Brien recently announced that he would be taking a trip down to Cuba for a taping of his show there. Last night, he premiered an episode long showing of his romp in the island nation. Though there were no star guests or even Andy Richter, viewers got to see what essentially amounted to an episode long remote segment, which honestly was just fine.

Check out the intro for the special below.

Throughout the episode we see O’Brien sing with a salsa band as well as getting sloshed on Cuban rum. He surprisingly didn’t cause an international incident, much to the relief of everyone involved. The episode also marked a turning point in filmmaking and television. For the first time, we are allowed a glimpse into a world that we have, for the past five decades, been unable to access. The rich culture and beautiful scenery of the country can finally be enjoyed by Americans all over.

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One great thing about the special is the fact that it is not only a comedy show for Conan but it also acts like a pseudo-documentary, with Conan occasionally providing very interesting tid bits about the communist country. Needless to say, it’s absolutely worth the view. Catch the full episode on while it’s still up.

I’m personally waiting for when they send Triumph to Cuba. Then we’d really be in trouble.

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