The Miami Marlins’ Twitter account went back in time

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Miami Marlins’ Twitter account revisits team’s first game in 1993

Followers of the Miami Marlins’ official Twitter account got to take a quick trip back in time today, to see the team’s first-ever win.

The Marlins’ Twitter account was just going along, tweeting about baseball and the upcoming season, when in came this tweet, apropos of nothing:

And thus the Marlins announced their intention to travel back in time, having evidently acquired a DeLorean for the occasion:

From then on, the account began live-tweeting the Marlins’ first-ever game, April 5, 1993 vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The starting pitcher for the Marlins was Charlie Hough, the famed knuckleballer. As for the lineup, well, I’ll let this 1990s graphic tell that story:

From then on, the account live tweeted the game in exact detail; detail it’s doubtful they use even for present-day games. All while speaking in the present tense, naturally.

Some interesting things:

  • In the stands that day were two current Marlins players, Mat Latos and Mike Morse (both new acquisitions in 2015).
  • Jimmy Buffett and Gloria Estefan both performed at the game; those are probably the most Florida people they could have gotten, so well done there.
  • Chris Berman called the game for ESPN. Did you know he did baseball games? I had no idea.
  • Look how 1993 this graphic looks:

The Marlins finished 64-98 that year, ahead of the Mets in the division, but typical results for an expansion team. However, just four short years later, they were World Series champions, led by such stars as Kevin Brown and Gary Sheffield. It was the quickest turnaround from expansion team to World Series championship in MLB history–until the 2001 Diamondbacks bested them by one year.

So congrats to Jeff Conine, Benito Santiago, and the rest of the gang on their big win. Also, the Red Sox would like to borrow that DeLorean and undo the sale of Babe Ruth, Marlins Twitter, if you can spare it.

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