Shaun Livingston uppercut punched Dirk Nowitzki in the nuts (Video)


All Dirk Nowitzki wanted to do was score a basket, and all Shaun Livingston wanted to to was punch him in the balls. 

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The NBA has a pretty strict policy about not whacking another dude in the nuts during a game, but it seems this rule is far too often violated in the worst of ways.

Shaun Livingston is the latest perpetrator of the nut punch, and poor Dirk Nowitzki was on the receiving end. All of this went down in the Warriors win over the Mavericks on Saturday night.

Dirk Nowitzki getting punched in the nuts seems to be an all too familiar theme in his career. But whereas all previous nut punches were mostly metaphorical, this one was very literal.

It’s hard to say which is the saddest part about this — the fact that Shaun Livingston straight up knuckled Dirk in his the balls or the hurt and confused expression that Dirk has immediately after.

Shaun Livingston wasn’t kicked out of the game for this — which is insane. He sold it as accidental, but it’s pretty clear that the nut punch here was intentional, as not only did he ball up his fist put be grabbed a hold of Dirk’s jersey to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere.

Some may call it a defensive tactic, but the grabbing of the jersey is a pretty clear indicator that this was intentional and Livingston may be hearing from the NBA about this in the very near future.

For context, Marcus Smart ‘accidentally’ punched Matt Bonner in the balls a few weeks ago and received a one-game suspension for it. Luckily for the Warriors, if Livingston gets a suspension it will be in the regular season but this is a series we could end up seeing in the postseason, which means Livingston had best keep his fist on only one of the balls that Dirk is handling.

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