Man nearly ruins his proposal plans at Augusta

Guy proposes at Augusta
Guy proposes at Augusta /

A man nearly plans the perfect proposal for his girlfriend at Augusta, he just leaves out one important detail. 

Okay, so you fall in love with a girl and plan to do the honorable thing by marrying her. You start to put everything in to plan to make this day a magical one. You buy the ring, you pick the date you’re going to pop the question four months in advance and you tell both sets of parents. Everything seems in order, right?


Taylor Lamb put in a lot of time and effort in to proposing to his long-term girlfriend at Augusta golf course on Monday, all he forgot to do was get tickets.

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Will ferrell idiot gif /

That’s right, he didn’t have tickets as late as Sunday evening. Lamb was working at the 3M Augusta Invitational on Sunday at Forest Hills Golf Club, and had given up all hope of getting a late ticket.

"“I was walking to my car in defeat. I mean, I had already told both our moms – and a ton of friends – about my plan, and all I could think about was having to call everything off.”"

It’s a pretty big boo-boo to be fair, it really should have been on his list of priorities right after forking out for a diamond ring. Alas, once again life turned around and proved that people who are incredibly unprepared will be given a break and everything will work out…

Shortly before Lamb reached his car,  GRU athletic director Clint Bryant drove by him and held two tickets out the window. Can you imagine how much of a boss that guy felt like? In my head, he didn’t say anything…he just rolled down the window, held out the tickets and drove off while wearing sunglasses.

So faith came through and Mr. Lamb got out of a sticky situation, however he got himself in to an even stickier situation after his girlfriend said yes to his proposal on Monday.


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