FCC compiles hilarious list of SNL complaints


The FCC has compiled a list of public complaints about Saturday Night Live sketches and some of them are hilarious.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commissions (or the FCC) is in charge of a lot of things. Namely, they make sure the stuff on television doesn’t get too blue or to risque for Joe Schmo and his family sitting at home. That said, they constantly get a stream of complaints in regarding almost every television show under the sun.

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Saturday Night Live is no different. Due to the shows edgy and envelope pushing nature, they are sure to offend many of those sitting at home (though why they are watching shows like SNL and not wanting to be offended is beyond me).

The Atlantic recently explored the world of FCC complaints in regards to everyone’s favorite sketch comedy show, and found that some of them are just as ridiculous as you might expect.

Some people complained about musical acts like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Other’s complained about more inoffensive things like one lady who wrote in saying, “[I saw a] commercial for Saturday Night Live in which Will Ferrel uses the word ‘damn. I realize that word isn’t censored typically on TV, but isn’t there a rule against targeting young audiences to encourage them to watch shows geared toward adults?”

Perhaps one of the most controversial sketches was the famous (or maybe infamous) “D#ck in a box” sketch featuring Justin Timberlake. One person even told the FCC they have a “general distrust” of Justin Timberlake (he was on the Mickey Mouse Club after all).

Here are just a few samplings of complaints over the sketch:

"It was the Christmas show suggesting that men should give women their penis in a box as a present. I was offended, let alone thinking that younger children would have the opportunity to see the program."

"It was not funny and it was beyond vulgar. The segment even includes Justin Timberlake whom was involved in the Janet Jackson superbowl stunt."

It’s like they don’t realize it’s a work of fiction.

Some people even took issue with Jamie Foxx after he appeared on SNL lampooning his Django character.

"Jamie Foxx is offensive. I am sick and tired of people being racist on TV because they are non-white. If this were a white person it would have been pulled off the air."

"I do not like hearing Jamie Foxx on TV talking about killing all the white people. When this country is at a time with all the killings with guns. And now we have Jamie Foxx on TV trying to be funny and racist … I am outraged that was allowed to be aired on TV."

"This has me very concerned for my safety and many others."

All in all, this just goes to show you that you can’t please everyone if you work in comedy and especially if you work for the FCC.

(h/t: The Atlantic)

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