‘Furious 7’ Director wanted for ‘Aquaman’


James Wan who directed Furious 7 is being eyed to helm the Aquaman adaptation.

With Furious 7 hitting theaters like a sports car through the window of a high rise building, it has turned out to be an uber success grossing just shy of half a billion dollars worldwide, according to Screen Crush.

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Not only that but it has also surprised movie goers and critics alike by just how good it turned out to be. So good in fact it’s not so surprising that Vin Diesel believes that it can win an Oscar for Best Picture (well, maybe not that good).

With all this success brimming for the high-octane action flick, many Hollywood big wigs are now looking to the movie’s director James Wan to make more movies.

Big wigs such as those at Warner Bros. just happen to want him to take the helm on a more superhero venture. Namely: Aquaman. 

With the big war of the superhero movies underway (and we are not talking about just Civil War) DC comics is looking to make up for lost time with their own line of superhero films. One of them is going to be the adaptation of that superhero of the sea, Aquaman.

For now the film has Jason Mamoa slated to star as the titular aquatic hero, but it still needs someone at the helm of the ship.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

"[Wan] is the frontrunner to direct Aquaman, Warner Bros.’ water-borne superhero movie centering on the classic DC Entertainment character, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. Wan has no offer at this stage but he is the studio’s choice and some preliminary talks have taken place."

Though Aquaman might seem like a pretty hefty project to do, especially with so much that could possibly go wrong, Zack Snyder took to Twitter in February to quell everyone’s fears with an incredibly badass first look at the King of the Seven Seas.

With that single image, many fans and superhero lovers had their fears put to rest momentarily. Hopefully with a director as seasoned and talented as James Wan, we can put them to rest for good.

I just hope when Aquaman joins the Justice League it’s as awesome as this.

Aquaman is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.

(h/t: ScreenCrush)

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