Shia LaBeouf debuts bizarre new look


Actor Shia LaBeouf shows up to movie premier with a bizarre new look. 

No one claims actor Shia LaBeouf is a normal individual, but this latest display is odd even for him.

At the premiere of TrueLove at the TriBeCa Film Festival on Thursday night, LaBeouf was sporting a bizarre and wild hairstyle. The look had a mullet in the front and a long braided ponytail down the back.

Unsurprisingly, most people did not enjoy it. Or at least, they were confused.

We aren’t sure what he’s going for either.

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LaBeouf, who stared in the successful Transformers franchise alongside Megan Fox, is no stranger to strange public displays.

Last summer, he was arrested for lighting a cigarette in a Broadway theater during a production of “Cabaret” in which he was being drunk and disruptive screaming at the actors on stage.

Prior to the arrest, in February, LaBeouf starred in an art installation in Los Angeles entitled “#IAmSorry,” in which he profusely apologizes for all of the times he has screwed up. We’d be much more inclined to watch Shia if he were reprising his role as Louis from Disney Channel’s Even Stevens. Maybe with a Lizzie McGuire cameo.

In January of this year, he made headlines again when he starred alongside Maddie Ziegler, of Dance Moms fame, in Sia’s music video for “Elastic Heart.” It’s literally just five minutes of dancing, fake fighting, and other weird things.

We don’t know how dancing around in a large cage with a 12 year-old benefits his acting career. But it was so strange that we had a hard time looking away – kind of like his new hairstyle.

A few questions here. Does he think this actually looks good or is he just trying to get attention? And how long did this take to grow out? The ponytail itself looks over 12 inches long and hair only grows one in per month on average. Has he been planning this reveal for over a year?

We need answers, Shia.

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