BAE Index, 5/15/15: Josh Smith and Corey Brewer with the flick of the wrist


Welcome back to the BAE Index.

The Los Angeles Clippers had Game 6 versus the Houston Rockets won and were headed to the Western Conference Finals…

Seriously. The Clippers were on fire through the first 3 quarters of the game. They had a 19-point lead in the second half, and held a 13-point lead heading into the final period. Chris Paul was playing like the Point God that he is. Blake Griffin was doing all the impossibly athletic stuff that he always does. Just look at this layup by Griffin, and how happy owner Steve Balmer and some Clipper bros were. There’s no way they mess this up, right?

Josh Smith and Corey Brewer steal the spotlight and force a Game 7

As a wise man once said: Clippers gonna Clip. The Rockets outscored the Clippers 40-15 (!!!!) in the final quarter, including a scalding 24-2 run. That final push from Houston was not powered by their fearless, bearded leader, James Harden. Nay, he was on the bench for the key run. The men responsible for this barrage of points were none other than Josh Smith and Corey Brewer. The two combined for 29 points all on their own in the quarter; Brewer scored 15, and Smith had 14. The unlikely duo, who combine for a putrid career three-point percentage of 28.7%, went 5 of 7 from deep in the fourth, the most notable of which was a spine-busting step-back.Shouts to Josh Smith for going full Smoove. Shouts to Corey Brewer for becoming a functional scorer. Shouts to the Clippers for Clipping so hard. Shouts to the basketball gods for providing us with a Game 7. Here’s a mix of Smith’s fourth quarter bombs.

The Cavs advance to the Eastern Conference Finals

There was also an earlier game last night in which the Cleveland Cavaliers closed out the Chicago Bulls, but if you didn’t watch it, it’s really no big deal. You could have done so much more productive things than watch that game, like watch paint dry. Neither team shot over 42%. The Bulls’ offense looked like a Tom Thibodeau-coached offense. LeBron struggled all night. Kyrie Irving left the game limping. The most dominant scorer was Matthew Dellavedova, with 19 points on 7-11. With all that, Cleveland still won by 21 points. Even with a sub-standard performance, LeBron seemed pretty satisfied with the win.