Your guide to the best 007 Websites

With ‘SPECTRE’ on the horizon, iconic secret agent James Bond is once again in the global spotlight. Each new film not only attracts long-standing fans but also new generations of future Bond aficionados. To further extend your knowledge about James Bond and the rich history of his literary and on-screen adventures, ‘EYE ON BOND‘ has compiled a guide about the best 007 websites on the web. Don´t waste your time with second rate, visit the pros!

Naturally, our starting point is the official James Bond website. Here, you get first hand information on what goes on Behind the Scenes of the most successful film franchise in cinema history. Paired with Facebook and Twitter, the official home of 007 was re-launched in November 2011 with its current design. Wether you´re looking for informations on the actors who have played 007 over the years or stay up to date with news from the Bond world, this is your place to jump in.

  • Elegant design & navigation
  • Shop to buy Bond products
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As the title reveals, the website of Dutch Bond aficionado Remmert van Braam focuses on the lifestyle aspects of agent 007 – clothing, food & drink, accessoires, games as well as travel informations and gift ideas. On top of that, it provides readers with extensive and very well researched brand informations, articles by the editor, a section about upcoming events and even continuing coverage of the latest film ‘SPECTRE’. Established in 2005, the website truly stands out as one of the best resources about James Bond products and affiliated brands.

  • Clean and sleek design, easy to navigate
  • Regular contests to win Bond products
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When launched in November 2012, the website of Bond expert David Zaritsky tried to go new ways in bringing Bond fans together and has since achieved exactly that. It is a social site built by fans for fans. As such, there are a lot of interesting stories provided by fans themselves as well as a blog by chief correspondent Zaritsky. One of the many highlights of the site is the video section which holds hours of clips advising fans on how to live the Bond lifestyle. A News section provides you with a list of the latest Bond headlines.

  • Interactive social site where fans can share their experiences
  • Ever growing photo & video section
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If you would like to fully immerse into the world of the fourth James Bond film ‘THUNDERBALL’, you should definitely give this site a visit. Filled with tons of rare photos, articles, scans and analyses, it is a magnificent treasure trove of insights from one of the most highly regarded films of the series. No matter if you want to research facts about the film, read through vintage brochures or admire the international poster artwork – this is THE place for ‘THUNDERBALL’ nerds!

  • In-depth exploration of the film and its making
  • Many rare photos and scans
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Launched in 2004 under its current domain, this website by Bond expert David Leigh has accumulated over 350 featured articles of which many have been contributes by talented guest writers. What the site lacks in glossy design, it makes up for with enormously high-quality content. From the Fleming books to the EON films, lifestyle tips and a news section, James Bond Dossier leaves little to be desired.

  • Free monthly newsletter
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The best motivation behind any great fansite is an insatiable passion for the subject matter. Brazilian fan Marcos Kontze has put together a classy and highly informative site that is mainly directed at a Portuguese speaking audience but the Google Translate plugin will unlock his creative world to anyone else. Recently re-launched with a brand new sleek design, the site covers top stories and current affairs of the Bond world as well as comprehensive background informations about anything your heart desires.

  • Sleek design, easy to navigate
  • In-depth news coverage and background facts
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The website of journalist and Bond expert Morten Steingrimsen is mainly aimed at Scandinavian audiences but also features English articles from time to time. Launched in September 2013, it features over 250 news items, many highlight articles as well as interviews. In the future, the site will expand further but you should definitely start keeping an eye on the site as editor Steingrimsen is a very dedicated and resourceful Bond fan. Tip: Visit the excellent Facebook page of the site!

  • Considerable Facebook presence
  • Up to date news coverage
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007 Travelers

Since 2013, Finland´s first and only Bond bloggers Pirita & Mika maintain a truly great blog for anyone interested in visiting original James Bond novel and filming locations. The couple frequently posts travel tips as well as hotel and restaurant reviews along with many photographs of their journeys. When they are not out and about traveling to the famous Bond locations, their blog provides excellent news coverage of the new Bond film ‘SPECTRE’.

  • First-hand James Bond travel advice
  • Video Collection of visited locations
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Established in 1996, this website run by Greg Goodman and his staff of contributors is a true gem among the best 007 websites. Not only is it the oldest Bond fansite but also one that has encyclopedic proportions. Whatever informations you are still missing, you will most likely find it here – from Baby photos of Bond actors to Albert R. Broccoli´s obituary or Bond humour.

  • Features an own discussion forum
  • Huge collection of essays, articles & multimedia
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Since 2000, the website continues to provide fans with accurate and well-sorted information about various aspects of James Bond – from books & films to video games, music and events. Of particular interest is the discussion forum in which many international Bond experts and fans of all ages exchange thoughts and insights on agent 007.

  • Features a very popular discussion forum
  • Up to date with news and current affairs
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Illustrated 007

When you have always loved the James Bond film posters, you should definitely stop by this wonderful blog of veteran Bond collector Peter Lorenz. Launched in 2008, the site has accumulated a staggering 1.200 posts and is a rich source for rare artwork from over 50 years of James Bond history. Many of the beautiful images presented on the blog come with anecdotes and insights of the editor who is a true expert in his field.

  • Easily digestible articles sorted into categories
  • Expert knowledge about Bond Artwork
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What sounds like the official website of Bond´s employer is actually the second-oldest James Bond website on the Internet. Established in 1998, it ranks among the most visited 007 fansites and has a whole lot to offer for everyone´s taste. A great addition to the site is the discussion forum – I barely know anyone who isn´t registered there. The icing on the cake is “MI6 Confidential”, a part-works magazine released by the site.

  • Very popular discussion forum
  • Large article archive
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Naturally, there are even more stunning websites around and this list could probably go on for another five pages…but these twelve sites and their responsible editors represent the A-List of James Bond websites. Once you are through with them, you should be an expert on all things 007 and continue to be so!