The best 4th of July music playlist this side of infinity

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Don’t Tread on Me – Metallica

Hard to say it better than these two Youtube comments:

1) Reiter Tod: “The point behind the song. F–k with us we will have to rewrite the definition of f–king your s–t up.”

2) Michael Rollo: “The Marine Corps should adopt this song as their own! “Don’t tread on me” mother f–kers!!!!!!  S.D.M.F. Pa  Chapter”

Walk – Pantera

This is a nice companion piece to the previous song. It’s not necessarily an America song, per se, but damned if you don’t want to take over the world after listening to it. RE-SPECT! Besides, what’s more American than a metal band from Texas?

Three-Song Medley – KISS

A bit of a copout going with a medley, but it’s the perfect triumverate. Rockin’ in the USA is a popular 4th song, but Detroit Rock City, Love Gun and Rock and Roll All Nite, really hammer the patriotism. It’s the perfect compilation of sex, drugs and Murica.

Horse with No Name – America

The band’s name is America. ‘Nuff said.

In America – Charlie Daniels Band

Picking things up a bit, this jam by CDB will punch the commies right in the lip. “We may have done a bit of fighting against ourselves, but you outside people best leave us alone.” – still holds true today.

American Jesus – Bad Religion

Considering Greg Graffin and the boys in Bad Religion are pretty much nihilists, this one is an odd choice, I’ll admit. Take away its true meaning and turn off the sarcasm for one day, and you have a kick ass tune. American Jesus, I can get behind it for the 4th.

Born in the U.S.A. – Bruce Springsteen

Another tongue-in-cheek tune that doesn’t really ring the praises of America, this song still kicks. Again, for one day out of the year just pretend that The Boss wasn’t crapping on Reagan-Era politics.

Fortunate Son

Protest song-turned-patriotic anthem pt. III. It makes you think of ‘Nam. It makes you want to kick ass. Just, for one day, forget that this is one of the greatest anti-war/anti-draft tunes ever created.

F–kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt – Jay Z

American musicians going over to Europe to spend a bunch of money. About as real as it gets. We just landed in Rome, you can tell we’re tourists and we DGAF. Now give me some ice in that damn drink and stop putting egg on your pizzas.

Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

You can ride my tail any day.

Team America Theme Song – Trey Parker & Matt Stone

I’m on record as saying this should be our new national anthem. No offense to Frank S. Key, but this jam puts butts in the seats. You know how crazy the United Center gets whenever Blackhawks fans sing along to our current national anthem? That’s every event ever once the Team America theme takes over.

There are obviously tons more, so please drop your own playlist down in the comments, and then turn it up and rip the knobs off. Murica!

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