Dwight Howard showed up at Comic-Con dressed as Predator (Photo)


Comic-Con is this weekend, and Dwight Howard showed up to join in the cosplay fun dressed up as Predator.

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When you think of Comic-Con, the first place your mind goes to isn’t basketball. The worlds of comic book superheroes and basketball stars are only crossed over in Gatorade commercials, and that’s only happened a handful of times. But basketball players are people too — people with hobbies that range from releasing rap albums to dressing up as comic book characters and attending Comic-Con.

Ron Artest and his failed music career are nowhere to be found, but Dwight Howard and his love for geek culture is right in front of us.

Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard decided to attend San Diego Comic-Con dressed up as Predator, and he wasn’t alone in the cosplay game.

It’s a little out of character for Howard, as he’s used to showing up places as Superman. Howard’s love for comic books and superheroes isn’t a new thing, as he took his passion for Superman to new heights — literally — in the Slam Dunk Contest back in 2008.

This is why people love Dwight Howard and don’t want to remember him as the flimsy one-night date he was for the Lakers and how he flamed out with the Magic and basically screwed them into obscurity in asking for a trade. Since landing in Houston with the Rockets, Howard has been inching closer and closer to making it back to the NBA Finals, and this year could be the year it finally happens.

Until then, he’s going to live it up cosplaying with the best of them.

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