Mario Chalmers just got a ‘Super Mario’ tattoo (Photo)


Mario Chalmers may be on the trade block in Miami, but that’s not keeping his spirits down as he adds a classic video game character to his collection of ink. 

The Miami Heat may be trying to trade Mario Chalmers this summer, but for now he’s remaining in South Beach and he’s living it up while he can. While some people go out and hit the clubs and bars that Miami is so famous — and infamous — for, Chalmers went out and got a Super Mario tattoo.

Chalmers shared the ink on his Instagram account on Friday afternoon:

This is both really cool but also really sad.

On the one hand, Chalmers getting a Super Mario tattoo is a cool idea for a few different reasons. For starters, it’s an on-the-nose reference to his name, but it validates a video game character that people still haven’t forgotten about. This is like Kyrie Irving getting that ‘FRIENDS‘ tattoo — it lets us know that the things we love are beloved by the sports stars we watch everyday.

There’s a flip side to this, and it involves how unwanted Mario Chalmers is and has been in Miami since the summer of 2013-14. That’s when Chalmers went from playing his way into a nice offseason contract following the Eastern Conference playoffs to disappearing in the NBA Finals where the Heat lost to the Spurs.

While there isn’t a solid link between the two events, but many Heat fans blame Chalmers and is Houdini act for the reason the Heat lost the NBA Finals and subsequently lost LeBron James in free agency.

Either way, the dude has a Super Mario tattoo — what more could you possibly want from him?

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