Michael Jordan, Jimmy Butler square off in shooting contest (Video)

Credit: Jimmy Butler (Instagram)
Credit: Jimmy Butler (Instagram) /

Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler found themselves against one another in a shooting contest at a basketball camp

Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever don the red and black of the Chicago Bulls (and to ever play in the NBA if you ask most basketball fans). Meanwhile, Bulls fans are hoping that Jimmy Butler will be their shooting guard of the future, particularly after signing him to a five-year contract that will pay him north of $90 million over that time.

Campers at Michael Jordan Flight School at UC Santa Barbara got to see Bulls past and present collide. In front of the entire camp, Jordan and Butler each selected a lucky camper to be on their team and proceeded to have a shooting contest. The results were predictably entertaining:

As if anyone other than Jordan was going to come out on top? If the camper on his team had gone cold, it wouldn’t be out of MJ’s competitive nature to rip into him until he performed.

Butler took the loss well, reveling in the moment of competing against Jordan and posting the moment on Instagram with the caption “la cabre,” which translates from Spanish to “the GOAT:”

What’s crazy is to think that these campers, assuming the oldest in the bunch are seniors in high school at 17 years old, weren’t even crawling around during Jordan’s run with the Bulls. That being said, Bulls fans are hoping Butler can at least fill similar shoes and help return Chicago to that former glory.

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