Usain Bolt gets taken out by photographer after race (Video)


Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, but he can’t outrun a photographer and his segway.

When Usain Bolt races, it’s something that captures the imagination of the entire world. He may not be racing for your country — unless you hail from Jamaica — but you can’t help but root for Bolt or feel happy for him when he wins a race. But sometimes we all pull together to root for Bolt for a different reason and that revolves around him not getting hurt.

That almost happened in the worst possible way this week at the World Championships in Beijing. As Bolt was taking a victory lap, a photographer on a segway rolled up next to the runner to grab some great photos — but he ended up taking the champion out in scary fashion.

Here’s footage of the incident which could have ended up being a lot worse than it was:

Things could have ended much worse for Bolt than they did, and had he been seriously hurt this would have been bad news for this photographer. Those are Olympic legs he took out, and while it’s sort of funny since we now know that Bolt wasn’t hurt, it’s still a situation that we would be fine with never ever seeing again.

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