Fox Sports loses feed of World Series, baseball fans panic


The World Series is supposed to be on Fox — until technology says otherwise. 

If you tuned into Fox to watch Game 1 of the World Series, you saw about three and a half innings of ball before things went dark. Not because of a rain delay or a long replay review — but because the Fox feed of the game went dark because of technical error.

It was one of the most bizarre things we’ve ever seen, and it’s caused a bit of controversy among baseball fans upset that the game was seemingly stopped because the feed for Fox went out. All we know is that the feed went dark at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City in the bottom of the fourth inning, Fox cut to a studio show and then back to the stadium where Mets skipper Terry Collins was talking to the umpires.

This seems to be the reason for the delay though, as the Fox feed going out seemingly effected the ability for replay in the United States.

That’s a good excuse, but it’s also very possible that Fox wanted the game stopped since they have a ton of money invested in the broadcast of the World Series. It’s not something that happens everyday, and it’s no doubt one of the most bizarre World Series moments ever. The whole reason for the outage was the Fox production truck losing power due to a problem with Google Fiber.

There’s also this little (possibly) unintentional troll from ESPN that won’t sit well with Fox executives.

It’s sad because it’s true. Baseball fans were not happy that Fox went dark in the middle of the World Series:

Once Fox doubled down and fed in the MLB Network feed that international audiences were watching, the trolling of Joe Buck began.