College Football Picks Against The Spread Afternoon October 31


11 of the 52 games this weekend are on Saturday afternoon. Want them picked? You can find that anywhere. Want them picked against the spread? Now that is a little more tricky!

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In case you don’t know what I do here, I pick every college football game of the season. Against the spread. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds! I take the average of the odds from all of the Vegas casinos. I then round to the nearest half. There will be no ties here. Ties are for the other football (soccer).

In case you missed how the point scale works, here is a brief rundown:

5. A lock. I am comfortable making a sizable wager on this game.

4. Very confident. Not quite a lock, but I am comfortable making a decent sized wager on it.

3. Middle of the road. Good enough that I would make a small wager on it.

2. Could go either way. So much so that I wouldn’t bet on it.

1. Stay away from these.

Take note that any games that involve 1-AA teams will NOT be picked. There simply is not enough information to get an accurate spread.

I had a pretty good week last week, bringing my season totals to 212-207 against the spread and +1 in my points system. Here are my college football picks against the spread afternoon October 31!

Just in case you missed any:


(14)Oklahoma(-39.5) at Kansas(3): I hate lines this big, but I know Oklahoma can cover it. Especially if they commit to the run like they did last week. It could be another big week for Perine and Mixon. I’m taking the Soooners.

(3)Clemson(-10.5) at North Carolina State(5): This looks low. Really low. The Wolfpack have been pretty good all year, but their schedule has been awful. They lost to Virginia Tech by 15 and Louisville by 7. Those are the only two decent teams that they have played. Clemson rolls here.

Georgia vs. (11)Florida(-2.5) at Jacksonville(4): Look, Treon Harris played a really nice game on the road at LSU. He grew when he was benched for Grier earlier this year. Georgia is going to have serious problems moving the ball. Look what Alabama did against Grayson Lambert. Florida’s defense will be able to rattle him just the same. Florida by at least a touchdown.

Marshall(-18.5) at Charlotte(4): Charlotte has been dominated by nearly everyone this year. Give me Marshall.

Florida International(-2.5) at Florida Atlantic(3): FIU has been the much better team all year long. This line looks really low, but I’m toning down the points because it’s a rivalry game on the road.

(12)Oklahoma State(-3.5) at Texas Tech(3): I don’t buy this. The Cowboys don’t have a good enough running attack to control the game. And this is a road game. Tech has been money at home. Red Raiders straight up.

Maryland at (10)Iowa(-16.5)(3): I have a hard time seeing Iowa as a top ten team, but Maryland is going to make them look like one. Give me Iowa. Maryland can’t stop the run.

Boise State(-20.5) at UNLV(3): The Rebels have looked terrible against everyone but Nevada. I will chalk that up to being the result of a rivalry game. Give me the Broncos.

San Diego State(-3.5) at Colorado State(4): This should be an easy one. Give me SDSU. Pumphrey could have another huge day here.

Troy at Appalachian State(-23.5)(4): Troy has been awful. They lost to Idaho. A team that hasn’t won more than one game in the last three years until this year. Appalachian State wont have trouble covering this at home.

Tulsa(-3.5) at SMU(5): Did SMU suddenly become good? This is WAY too low. Tulsa by at least ten.Want a practical reason? That’s fair. Tulsa lost to East Carolina by 13 on the road. SMU lost by 26 to the Pirates at home.

Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana-Lafayette(-11.5)(2): To me, these teams are close to the same. Home field is only worth seven. I doubt either one is an extra five points better than the other. Give me Monroe.

Stay tuned for the rest of the picks against the spread and more FanDuel picks!

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