Who Should Be the Next James Bond: Idris Elba


Plenty have buzz has surrounded Daniel Craig possibly wanting to leave the role of James Bond. A similar amount have buzz has surrounded the idea of Idris Elba as his successor.

He seems like the perfect fit. Idris Elba says that he would be on board for taking over the role of James Bond after the eventual end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as the super spy.

Not only that, but Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal is on board, as well, according to the Sony email hack of 2014. Even though Sony may no longer handle distribution rights of the franchise after Spectre, The general consensus is that Elba would be a good fit in the role of James Bond.

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Elba certainly has the image. He is a suave British man who looks great in a suit. That sounds like Bond to me.

Elba also has the acting prowess to handle the role. The actor has won a Golden Globe for his performance in the television show Luther. He also has experience in more action-oriented roles in films such as Prometheus and Pacific Rim. Seemingly, Elba checks all of the boxes.

The only major concern with Elba is his age. The actor is 43 years old, and I don’t think anyone wants to see Bond age like he did during the Roger Moore era of the spy (Moore was 57 during filming of his final Bond film, A View to a Kill).

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