There are no fans at the 49ers game on Sunday (Photo)


The San Francisco 49ers are the New York Knicks of the NFL — and no one is showing up to their games anymore. 

When you see a car on fire by the side of the road, you can’t help but look at the blaze in passing as you continue on towards wherever you’re going.

That car is the San Francisco 49ers and everyone is watching them burn alive from afar and in passing. No one in their right mind is taking more than a few seconds to sit down and watch the Niners dumpster fire and absolutely no one is going to pay hard earned money to see them play live.

Someone at ESPN passed along this little piece of evidence that confirms no one wants to watch the Niners — especially not their fans:

It’s been a disgusting season for the Niners, one you can’t blame fans for shielding their eyes from. There’s a fine line between supporting your team and donating to a cause you no longer believe in — and Niners fans are not he right side of sensibility for once.

We’ll see how long it lasts, but this is what it looks like when a franchise goes from 60 to 0 in record time.