James Bond Comic Vargr #1 Review


Warren Ellis’ new comic book series based on the character of James Bond is called Vargr. Here’s how the first issue stacks up.

Vargr number one opens with a bald, tattooed man running through a Helsinki construction site. He is being pursued by a man we cannot see. They engage in a firefight and the tattooed man is beaten to near death. He asks who his attacker is, and the man reveals that he is 007 James Bond getting revenge for the death of fellow agent 008.

This opening takes up about half of the issue, and it plays out like a cold open from one of the Bond films. The pacing of the scene is created perfectly with multiple frames showing the same action.

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This sequence is the most action we get in the comic book. It causes the second half of the comic feel like required exposition, but the first half is surprisingly fun for such a simple chase scene. The delayed reveal of Bond is hugely effective.

The second half of the comic depicts the introduction of Bond’s mission. At MI6, he flirts with Moneypenny, quarrels with M over espionage politics, and gets a gadget from Q. It really feels like watching a Bond film.

Bond’s mission is to stop a drug importer who is importing strange product into the United Kingdom. To do this, he is required to travel to Berlin to meet an informant. However, an MI6 ordinance extension bans Bond from carrying his gun while traveling there.

This sets up the comic series. Bond is without his Walther PPK, and is open for target by anyone who might be out to get him. It is a great read for Bond fans out there.

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