Spectre Shatters Box Office Records in China


The Hollywood Reporter is reporting a huge international box office success in China for Spectre, the latest James Bond cinematic adventure.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new James Bond film Spectre reached $48 million in its opening weekend in China.

This substantial opening resulted in multiple Chinese box office records being broken. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film took in the largest Friday take at $15 million, as well as the biggest opening and three day take at $45 million.

This is huge in comparison to Skyfall‘s box office run in China, which topped out at only $59 million.

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What does this say for the Bond film?

Given that its domestic take is trending lower than its predecessor, this boost in China could be pivotal in its financial success. The expense of the film has created an uphill battle for profits, but its entire international run will certainly remedy this problem, especially given these recent developments.

The film is still churning out international releases. Over the next two weeks, Spectre will be released in India, South Africa, and Japan.

Spectre will likely continuing rolling through weekends for the next month, accumulating currency. It certainly will not turn up a failure. That doesn’t mean its the best Bond film, far from it. But bringing in a lower overall take than Skyfall will perhaps cause a change of focus creatively for the next film in the series.

Spectre‘s international box office take to date is $413 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

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