Burt Reynolds Would Have Played James Bond


American actor Burt Reynolds, in his new memoir, says he should not have turned down such roles as James Bond and Han Solo.

In a new book from actor Burt Reynolds, he discusses the good and the bad of his career, including certain roles that he decided to turn down.

These roles ended up being some of the more lucrative roles in the history of cinema.

One of these roles was the now legendary intergalactic smuggler turned hero Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise. The role, instead, went to Harrison Ford, and it put his name on the Hollywood map.

Reynolds claims that he was busy at the time. “But, no, I wasn’t so busy I couldn’t have done it,” he said.

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Reynolds also turned down the role of James Bond after George Lazenby left the position. When offered the part, he felt that James Bond was meant to be English, and that “an American can’t play James Bond.” He says now that this decision was made “in [his] stupidity.”

When Reynolds turned down the role, Bond producer Albert Broccoli returned to previous Bond Sean Connery, who reprised his role as Bond for one final film, Diamonds Are Forever.

Let’s take a moment to imagine Reynolds in these two iconic roles.

If he had played Han Solo, who knows where Harrison Ford’s career would be now, if it would even exist at all.

I can actually somewhat see Reynolds as a space outlaw with a furry best friend. But I cannot begin to picture him as a British secret agent. Would he have tried to put on an English accent? I feel like that wouldn’t have gone over well.

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