NFL Mock Draft 2016: Week 14 edition

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22. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are still one of the best teams in the league, but they are not without serious flaws. One of the largest is the offensive line, which is arguably the worst in the game today. Seattle has allowed more sacks than any other team, threatening the health of one Russell Wilson. I hate to tell everybody in the Emerald City, but if Wilson goes down, the team might as well fold up the tent and quit on the spot. Tavaris Jackson is not winning anything other than a top-10 pick in this lifetime.

If Seattle general manager John Schneider can draft Hawkins, it is the easiest pick he has ever made. The Seahawks have been known to take offensive linemen in the first round before, nabbing both Russell Okung and James Carpenter in the recent past. If Seattle wants a strong run blocker who can dominate at the point of attack, as well as having a guy who can maul in the passing game, Hawkins is the right fit. There are some technique issues to clean up, but the size and strength are clearly already there for a player who would come in and immediately help the Seahawks reach the Super Bowl once more.

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