Bill Simmons is using Rondo slur controversy to attack Roger Goodell

Credit: ESPN
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Bill Simmons is a die-hard Bostonian, and he’s using the Rondo controversy to call out Roger Goodell — again. 

As we’ve learned over the past year, the last place you want to be in the sports world is on the bad side of Bill Simmons. He torched ESPN on his way out the door, this after making a career of pushing all the wrong buttons while still employed there. One of the reasons Simmons was ousted from ESPN was his stark refusal to accept Roger Goodell as anything less than a horrible commissioner and questionable person.

It all stems back to two incidents over the past year. The Ray Rice drama from 2014, where Goodell suspended the running back twice for the same thing, drew the ire of Simmons and most others as well. Then there was the incident that hit closer to home for Simmons — Deflategate.

Even though these incidents are in the past, Simmons isn’t about to let anyone forget about it, and he’s using the recent Rajon Rondo and how adam Silver has handled it to get after Goodell again.

You think Simmons is going to focus on the Rondo slur, but wait for it….

You can’t really blame Simmons for digging in — again — on Goodell. While it’s easy to troll Simmons thanks to his Boston connections, he’s not wrong about the point he’s trying to make. Within this continued burn on Goodell, Simmons is trying to point out once and for all the differences between a guy who knows how to run his league and one who is less commissioner and more totalitarian.

What id this Rondo business had happened in the NFL? Goodell suspended Ray Rice twice for the same thing when new evidence came out, just like how he might