Paul Rudd fired up Chiefs fans before Week 16 (Video)


Kansas City sports superfan Pau Rudd was on-hand to fire up Chiefs fans before Week 16.

The world of sports and entertainment don’t always mix, unless you’re taking about basketball when courtside seats are regularly occupied by the rich and famous. But it’s harder to get crossovers in the world of the NFL — which is something that didn’t stop Paul Rudd from being a part of the Chiefs pregame festivities before Week 16.

Rudd, who is a Kansas City sports fan, was on hand to fire up the crowd before Sunday’s game at Arrowhead against the Chiefs.

Rudd was there for when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series as well, and you can bet he’ll be riding with the Chiefs as they surf the AFC Playoff wave. It’s yet to be seen how far the Chiefs can get in the postseason, but Rudd will likely be there the whole way to cheer them on.

This is also the second time in as three weeks that an Anchorman actor has been at Arrowhead to cheer on the Chiefs. David Koechner, who plays Champ Kind in the film series, was at Arrowhead to watch the Chiefs beat the Steelers — which means the Chiefs are the unofficial team of Anchorman fans everywhere.