DeMar DeRozan makes ridiculous reverse layup vs Nets (Video)


Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan made an absolutely ridiculous reverse layup through Nets defenders.

DeMar DeRozan plays north of the border and he’s always playing north of the rim with some absolutely ridiculous athletic ability. During the Toronto Raptors home tilt with the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night, DeRozan made another sweet play at the hoop.

DeRozan drove past Nets defenders and through Nets defenders to make an insane reverse layup. As he went up to the hoop, DeRozan was met at the hoop by the Nets’ Willie Reed.

DeRozan somehow managed to get through Reed and followed it up in the air with that aforementioned insane reverse layup.

Just look at the way that DeRozan twists and contorts his body around to avoid the defender and make the layup happen on the play. He makes it look easy, but rest assured that doesn’t end well for a majority of the players in the league.

It’s those types of plays that will have DeRozan in the max contract discussion in the offseason. He’s a threat to put up a lot of points and he has great control with the basketball around the basket.

As for the Nets, not even having every player in the paint could stop DeRozan on that one.