Nerdist Podcast Ep. 761 – Daniel Craig Review


James Bond actor Daniel Craig was interviewed by Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira for the Nerdist Podcast.

On episode 761 of the Nerdist Podcast, actor Daniel Craig was interviewed about his role as James Bond. After briefly touching on the Omega sponsored watches that Craig uses in the Bond films, interviewers Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira get Craig to discuss the minutia of his time as the super spy.

Craig explains that working on set of a James Bond film means little downtime, and when he does get time in his trailer he likes to shut out the world with music. He also opens up about his initial nervousness about approaching the prestigious role, knowing that it would change his life and that he didn’t know how to come on set and “pretend to be James Bond.”

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Given Craig’s admittedly lukewarm relationship with the press, the Nerdist interview is relaxed. Craig cracks jokes and allows for co-host Matt Mira’s fanboying throughout the podcast.

Craig also gives a lot of insight into the history of his career and on-set information about Spectre.

Craig explains about his Spectre on-set injury, where he tore his ACL during a stunt with co-star Dave Bautista. Following the injury, his workouts for the role were increased to accommodate for injury recovery, which he says was the only alternative to postponing shooting for six months.

The Nerdist Podcast interview of Daniel Craig is, on the whole, a refreshing inside look into Craig’s mind. Hardwick and Mira steer the interview without attempting to pry, which allows Craig to talk candidly. Marginal distance from the Spectre press tour likely helped with this, but the interview is great Bond fan bait nonetheless.

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