James Bond Actor Can’t Get Away From Espionage


Ben Whishaw, James Bond’s latest incarnation of tech expert Q, can be seen on television thriller London Spy.

Ben Whishaw is seemingly in familiar territory in the BBC spy thriller London Spy. However, the actor told ABC News that filming the show–of which he is the lead–was “about as far away from James Bond as you could possibly get.”

The actor claims the show is more “encounters between people” than it is action.

The show follows Whishaw’s character Danny. Danny gets into a relationship with Alex, who he later finds out is a spy. When Alex disappears, Danny is framed for his murder.

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The series co-stars Jim Broadbent and recently Oscar-nominated actress Charlotte Rampling.

London Spy sees Whishaw move into the forefront, as opposed to his supporting role in the Bond films, where he plays Q. Whishaw’s Q has claimed a larger part to play in these newer Bond installments, where espionage in an increasingly tech savvy world is nothing without a good Quartermaster. Still, it is nice to see Whishaw branching out into larger roles in television and film.

Whishaw appeared in 2015’s In the Heart of the Sea, where he played the writer Herman Melville attempting to get the story of Moby Dick from the last surviving member of the real-life shipwreck that inspired it.

The future of Whishaw’s acting career is unclear, but it is likely that we will see him return to the Q role when shooting on Bond 25 begins in Spring.

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